Saturday, 7 January 2017

VBScripts Fundamentals - Part1

Using concatenate, "&_" and "vbcrlf" in VB Script

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Using concatenate, "&_" and "vbcrlf" in VB Script
- Concatenate using plus sign(+) and ampersand (&).

- String in multiple lines using "&_" and ''+_''.
   ex: Sql query as string

- To print in different lines use "vbcrlf" (it is like '\n').
    ex: "Hello welcome" --> "Hello" &vbcrlf& "welcome"

Thursday, 5 January 2017

VB Script Basic Example

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Writing the VB Script in
- Notepad
- Notepad++
- VbsEdit

Saving the file
Save the file  as <<File Name>>.vbs

Execution the VB Script.
- Command Prompt
- Editor
- Double click on VB Script file