Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Sikuli Installation

      Sikuli works based on the concept of image recognition. Sikuli compares the input image with the complete UI displayed on the screen and performs the actions (ex: clicking on the UI based in the input image).
Sikuli can be integrated with the Java+Webdriver automation to perform the task's which are not supported by webdriver.

Windows XP/Windows 7
Java 6/7
Note: Environment is specified as Window XP/7 with Java 6/7, since installation is done on windows machine.

Sikuli can be installed in 2 way's
    Option 1: Downloading jar file(i.e. "sikuli-setup.jar").
    Option 2: Downloading zip file.

The current page illustrates the installation process with option-1(i.e. installing sikuli with "sikuli-setup.jar").

Option 1: Installing Sikuli using "sikuli-setup.jar" file.

Step 1: Download "sikuli-setup.jar" file.
sikuli-setup.jar can be downloaded from below URL's.

Step 2: Create Installation folder.
  • Once the "sikuli-setup.jar" file is downloaded in to your download's folder.
  • Create the folder for installing the Sikuli (ex: D:\Sikuli Installs).
  • Copy "sikuli-setup.jar" from download's folder to installation folder (ex: D:\Sikuli Installs).

Step 3: Install Sikuli.

Double click on the "sikuli-setup.jar" placed in installation folder.

"SikuliX-1.0.1-SetupLog.txt" and "runSetup.cmd" file is created.

Double click on "runSetup.cmd" file.

Click "Setup Now" button.

Click "Yes" button.

Click "OK" button.

Click "OK" button.

Working with Sikuli IDE:

Double click on "runIDE.cmd".

Simple step for clicking the windows "Start" button (i.e. WindowsXP start button).
Select "Mouse Actions" --> "Click()" method. 

Select the image (i.e. "Start" button). 

Execute the statement present in Sikuli IDE by clicking the "Run" button.

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