Saturday, 24 May 2014

Data Driven Framework Overview

When working with automation frame work, the main issue is how to read the test data from the file.

Some times the automation utility method which is created in the automation frame works with limitations.

Common limitations in most of the Automation Frame Works:
1. Doesn't work if the column names are changed, since the header names are hard coded in the utility method.
Ex: test data header name "Desc" changed to "Details"

2. The utility method is designed for only specific kind of test data.
Ex: If test data is added with one more column, then the automation utility method need to be updated.

3. What if your "Manager" or "Team Lead" or "Client" is not interested in maintaining the test data in specific files(ex: spreadsheet), he suggests to maintain the test data in other file format(Ex: CSV format) and test cases already authored/developed are more. In this case team need to spend lot of time in tweaking the existing automation frame work.

4. If you are working with retrieving  the test data in the spread sheet(i.e. .xls/.xlsx files), since reading of test data is based on row number and column number, the automation utility method works for only specific data since retrieving of data is based on row & column number
Ex: if one more column is added in the spread sheet, the automation frame work you authored may not  work.

5. There are many more problems while reading the test data.

Don't worry we have the solution for all your problems. We have came up with new solution "Test Data Wrapper Utility"(i.e DDF) which will read the test data from different file types.

Stay tuned for more versions of DDF

Solution for reading the test data from different file types.

Table of Contents
Click the below links to access the pages.
1. Capturing the Test Data from Workbook (i.e. xlsx / xls file)
2. Capturing the Test Data from XML file.
3. Capturing the Test Data from CSV file.

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