Saturday, 9 May 2015

WebdriverJS - JavaScript bindings for WebDriver

WebdriverJS is javascript bindings for webdriver, using WebdriverJS you can write the automation script in javascript and execute the Webdriver Javascript.

1. Node.js is alreaddy installed click '' for node.js installation process.
2. 'Chromedriver.exe' can be downloaded from ''
3. Set the 'Chromedriver.exe' in the PATH variable,
click the url '' for setting the PATH variable.

Steps for Executing the script developed using WebdriverJS:

Open the url ''

Save the copied javascript as 'SampleTest.js'.

Open the command prompt, navigate to the location where 'SampleTest.js' is present.
Run the command 'npm install selenium-webdriver' in the command prompt.

Run the command 'node SampleTest.js' in the command prompt.

Javascript 'SampleTest.js' is executed.

Watch Demo
Above post is older.
Webdriverjs is now deprecated,
Project is now called WebdriverIO( 

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