Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Firebug for chrome

Earlier firebug plugin supports only firefox browser, firebug doesn't support chrome browser.
Now there is 'Firebug Lite' Extension for Chrome browser, using this extension you can inspect the elements in chrome browser.
Firebug Lite for chrome browser is not a substitute for Firebug or Developer tools.

Access the below url in chrome browser

Click button 'Install Firebug Lite' button.

Page is navigated to Chrome Extenstions page

Click 'ADD TO CHROME' button.

Click 'Add Extension' button.

Firebug icon is displayed on top right corner of the chrome browser

Click on Firebug icon to open the firebug.
   Firebug is opened

Click 'Inspect', move the mouse to the element to which you want to inspect, corresponding html element/elements are displayed(i.e. highlighted) in the firebug.


Place the mouse pointer on the element(ex: Google Search button) and right click, from context menu select 'Inspect with Firebug Lite'.

Selected html element is displayed(i.e. highlighted) in the firebug.

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