Sunday, 6 December 2015


Java Basics Concepts
Print all the file names starting with "Test-"

Delete files with the file names starting with "Test-"

Print the file content for the file names starting with "Test-"

Multimap using Google Guava API

Call javascript function from java code.

Call ruby script functions from java code.

Call python script functions from java code.

Webdriver - Click using javascript

Webdriver - Mouseover using javascript

How to handle Autocomplete in Java-Webdriver

Verifying the text using browser popup 'Open' file functionality

Java Webdriver control hangs, while downloading file in InternetExplorer-9

Java-Fetch Internet Explorer Version

Making migration from JUnit to TestNG bit easier

How to include other suite files in TestNG suite.

Sikuli Installation

Automating Calculator application using Java and Sikuli.

Java and AutoIt - Automating the calculator application using autoitx4java

twin - Testing and automation for Windows applications  

Build Tool
How to call "ANT Build" target's without using 'depends' attribute.

Adding 3rd Party jar to maven dependency.

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